Integration with applications made with Visual Basic, C++, Delphi etc. or any MsWindows OS.
CUTLIB DLL , 1D Cutting Optimisation Engine
Our dynamic link library (or DLL), is a piece of software to integrate into larger software applications or systems. It allows to access from that applications or systems the methods and functions to solve linear cutting requirements with optimum efficiency.
The developing of a good 1D cutting optimizer is a long run task. Integrating of our DLL engines in your project, will help you to save the cost of months of programming, and furthermore you will get one of the best 1D cutting optimisation tools of the market.
Add the power of a profesional optimizer into your corporative applications

Allows the integration of its functions in other software applications transparently or invisible to the end user.
Software component to solve the "one dimensional cutting stock problem"
Software tool for developers and programers
1D Solutions
1D Solutions