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Easy Operation

Very simple and easy to use software. Can be put into production in minutes.


Use it in different kind of business areas like sales, production or supervision.


It's cutting edge optimization algorithm outruns the competition delivering the best cutting plans in the shortest time possible.


Our excelent client support team will response promptly any technical queries by e-mail.


Cutting Optimization Sofware solutions for your enterprise


One Dimension Cutting Optimiser , is a simple, efficient and powerful tool to generate optimal cutting lists for industries like steel structure fabrication, aluminium manufacturing and many others that need to cut in shorter pieces 'bars' of raw material.

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CutLib DLL

Our dynamic link library (or DLL), is a piece of software designed to integrate into larger software applications or systems. It allows access to the methods and functions for solving linear cutting requirements with optimum efficiency.

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Single PC License


  • One time Payment
  • Lifetime license
  • 1 Years of free support
  • Aditional PC discount
  • Unilimited PC installation
  • Customizable Reports
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Enterprise License


  • One time Payment
  • Lifetime license
  • 3 Years of free support
  • Unlimited PC installation
  • Customizable PDF Reports
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CutLib License


  • Integrate 1D-Nest Engine to you own software
  • Invisible to the end user
  • Consultations and technical support available
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With a 21-year journey, we've empowered over 3000 clients worldwide with expert cutting optimization solutions.

Download 1D-Nest for free and try it for 30 days with no restrictions.

After the trial period the software will still remain some functionalities to help you with your cutting optimization needs.