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Relevant    qualities
Functional   characteristics
You can try it free for 30 days. Make your own evaluation of this program by entering the data that you want without restrictions. The test only limits the printing results, you can review it on screen
It allows you to enter up to 5000 items of cuts and accepts lengths up to 1500 different sizes of cuts.
It allows you to enter up to 250 items of bars, input material for cutting.
Parameters of cutting thickness tolerances and extreme ends of the cutting material.
It can be used with any unit of measure. Handles data in fractional inch or foot-inch fractional notation with corresponding data entry and reporting.  Also do automatic conversion of units.
You can optimize according to material cost criteria.
Direct and flexible  import of data from excel and other spreadsheets or csv files.
Results can output to Excel spreadsheets with fully flexible format, the user can design his output format.
Printing results in clearly understandable formats, with diagrams or text only, output result set to csv and xls files.
Can print labels of cutting plan items directly or in combination with MS Word.
1DNest: 1D Cutting Optimizer is Windows 10 compatible
It is simple and easy to use for all users. clear and practical reports for use in cutting workshop.
Fast and accurate response.
Versatile, is used in various industries in areas such as production, sales and/or supervision.
Maximum efficiency optimization, working with a mixture of mathematical algorithms and heuristics to achieve the best possible solution in real time.
It is able to optimize according to material cost criteria.
Easy interaction with excel worksheets .

Length Cutting Optimizer,  1DNest

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